Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Phil & Ted's E3 Stroller

If I could give this stroller a higher rating than a FIVE star rating, I would! When you are having a baby, you need to decide the items you are willing to splurge on and the items which aren't as important to you where you can cut back on costs. NEVER cut back on the price of your stroller. I can't tell you how important this item will be!

We bought the Phil and Ted's E3 stroller which is now the Sport Buggy I believe. It is an all-terrain stroller with all the amenities. It lays out flat for your newborn, then raises up for your child as they grow. It has a five-point harness, a sun-visor with side windows which roll-up. For an additional cost, you can even buy a second child add-on seat (which we did thank goodness).

This stroller maneuvers on a dime! Unlike four-wheeled strollers which are awkward and hard to use, this stroller even moves in and out of clothes racks in stores without any trouble. Add to that the fact it closes up by pushing one button and pops right back up to lock in place and drive away, and you can't get a better stroller than this one! Definitely worth the extra cost!!!

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